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Fox Hunting Ban

Last year marked the ten-year anniversary since fox hunting was made illegal in the UK.

Despite it not being legal for just over a decade, it is still a topic up for debate that is constantly bringing new opinions and problems to the table.

In February of this year The Fox and Barrel pub in Cotebrook found themselves under fire for supposedly supporting illegal fox hunting.

They denied these claims and insisted that they were not pro-fox hunting.

Having said this, a poll done by the Chester Chronicle at the beginning of 2017 showed that 46% of their readers felt that it should not be illegal, showing it is a decision that still pretty much splits the opinions of Chester locals.

Students at the University of Chester also presented a mixed bag of opinions when it comes to the discussion.

One student Emma Proctor felt that it was not acceptable under any circumstances saying, “If you like to shoot, you can just go clay shooting.

Another student James Langlands, expressed a slightly different opinion.

He believes “hunting should be done for one of two purposes, for sport, or for pest control”. He also mentioned that he has “no objections to the hunting of foxes, as they are legally classed as vermin, so long as the aforementioned hunting is humane, and the animal’s suffering is minimal”.

Overall, fox hunting will never be a straightforward issue and it is doubtful that people will ever come to an agreement on whether or not it should be permitted.

March 3, 2017

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