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Pancake Day

Last Tuesday, social media imploded into a mess of pancake pictures and pancake flipping videos. Some were really good, nicely cooked on each side with just a slight hint of brown around the edges. Some were not, however. Some were disasters. Some people’s pancake fillings had no right to be there, and those pictures still haunt me. This spurred me to create a quick guide of some easy to make, acceptable pancake fillings for people to follow in the future:

1. Chocolate, the classic: Nothing says ‘Happy Pancake Day!’ more than waking up to a plate full of pancakes oozing with chocolatey goodness. It’s very hard to go wrong using this filling so it’s great for pancake flipping novices.

2. Sliced banana: This goes really well with chocolate if you fancy adding a little extra sweetness to your pancakes.

3. Bacon and eggs: Having pancakes with bacon and eggs isn’t done nearly enough here in the UK but is a regular thing in the United States. If you fancy adding a nice little savoury twist which doubles up as a hearty breakfast, give this a go.

4. Vanilla ice cream: Now this is more of a dessert but still works really well for breakfast, especially on Pancake Day when you’re essentially encouraged to eat pancakes at all hours of the day.

5. Tuna, only joking: Don’t ever put tuna on a pancake.

There’s still many more, obviously, but these are the essentials. The staples of the pancaking world. If you fancy diving into the rabbit hole and becoming a pancake filling connoisseur, then start with these.

By Nathan Worthington

March 8, 2017

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