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Moonrise Kingdom review

Wonderfully odd and charmingly witty, Moonrise Kingdom is one of those ‘diamond in the rough’ films, so to speak, that only come around every so often.
Wes Anderson’s tale of adventure, love and growing up, practically went under the radar despite being nominated for 2 Oscars, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA. In its opening weekend, it brought in just over $500,000 however, since then it has climbed to gross $68,307,053 worldwide becoming a roaring success both financially and as a quality piece of filmography.
The film follows the escapades of a young couple named Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward) after they are forced to run off together by domineering parents and idiotic Scout-mates. Their escapades prove to be a thrilling and compelling tale, touching on themes of adolescence, young love and hardship throughout.
Backed up by a stellar cast including Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel and many more, Moonrise Kingdom is pushed into the top class of film making.
However, despite the exceptional cast, this is not where the film excels most. Visually, this film is stunning with a colour palate which evokes feelings of warmth and depth, paired with Anderson’s unique shooting style. Anderson is known for horizontal/straight on images which give a personal and parallel feel. Creating a unique visual experience that only he is known to give.
Its only issues coming from a few cases of forced, wooden acting, and selective character development. However, all in all, the end-product is a film packed full of charm and blunt comedy that will not fail in leaving you with a fond smile and a slight feeling of confusion.
Moonrise Kingdom – 81/100
Written by Callum O’Donnell


March 15, 2017

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