Warrington Voted the “Second Best Place to Live in the UK”


Let’s admit, most of us are proud of where we come from, but nobody wants to see their city ranked low in anything across the board.

But for Warrington, last year named the worst town for culture in the UK by the Guardian – now has become the second best place to live in the country, and here’s why.

It was declared on Channel 4 by TV personality Sarah Beeny on the documentary “UK’s Best Places to Live” that the area in the historical county of Cheshire was runner up to South Ribble, which took top dog across the land.

The home to 200,000 citizens, took second place due to a mixture of aspects that were recorded to give the final result. High employment, education, health and wellbeing, house price to earnings ratio and school standards were the key factors for the decision.

Warrington is ranked 9th for the highest employment rate in the country. According to the recent Centre For Cities Report, The report says the town has retained its position as the only place in the North of England classed as a high wage and low welfare city.

The Wire is also ranked 15th highest for the number of business start-ups per capita.

So, instead of saying “That’s the IKEA place?” or “isn’t that just the town you pass to get from Manchester to Liverpool?” Well now it isn’t JUST that, it’s on the national map, where you can enjoy a fantastic quality of life on all counts.

March 28, 2017

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