Location: 43 Paradise Street, Liverpool One, Liverpool, L1 3LU

Contact: 0151 707 8231

Dinner for two: £40-50 (one course with a side and drink)

                                                                      Inside Byron Hamburgers, Liverpool One [credit:]


By Nathan Linley

If it’s good food at great value for money, a nice quaint little place with a buzzing vibrancy all with authentic décor is what you’re after (or just a bloody good burger!) then you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

Byron Burger is very much as casual dining as you can get, very gimmicky with the bizarre burger names on the menu, and maybe trying a bit too hard to impress the youth of today, who are more interested in Instagramming their food rather than actually eating It.

However, in terms of competitive pricing, there is an area where these people generally come from, and that is universities, education, colleges, yes that’s right, students.  If Byron think that they are going to attract any sort of student coming for a second visit with prices such as £4.50 for a can (and that’s not a misprint) of lager and charging prices from £10 alone for burgers without sides is a scandal, considering the place was packed which I was very surprised about after I looked at the menu. A fiver for an Oreo milkshake which you were pretty much eating rather than drinking the closer you got to the bottom.  The “Cluckosaurus Rex” jumped out at me, standing out in bright orange and red writing to the top left hand side of the menu looking like a five-year-old child had drawn it on was simply hideous, even though the rest of the menu actually looked quite smart and neat, despite the stupid names of some of the burgers.  The food arrived, one of the four burgers being the “Clucky”, which no puns intended was most definitely a chicken burger, I’m not sure who’s idea it was to put guacamole on a burger and mix it with pickled red onions but it looked the most unappetising thing you could possibly imagine at the time, the red onions had turned the guacamole slightly brown and it looked hideous. But on the taste factor not too bad, a freshness from the guacamole went into saltiness from the chicken and crisp and creamy textures from the spicy mayonnaise and the iceberg lettuce, not bad, it was just unfortunate it didn’t look too great when the bun lid was taken off.  All the burgers looked great however in the fabulous brioche buns, most certainly bread of choice if you want a great burger.

The “Cluckosaurus Rex” then, Byron’s special burger at £10.50 seemed like a bit a bargain considering it came with cheese, bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.  I only realised after I had taken my first bite that BBQ sauce and mayonnaise were on the same burger, this should be a crime.  Two completely contrasting flavours and two completely different textures that simply do not work whatsoever, mixed together to transform into a mouthful of gloop.  Because of this, the onion rings were so thin that the sauce completely destroyed them and the onion literally just flopped onto my plate with the batter still inside.  The chicken however was really tasty, beautifully fried with an elegant crunch from the seasonings and spices, the bacon was nice and crispy and the cheese was wonderfully melted throughout which added a nice flavour.  But really, that’s about it though, the French fries looked like they were stolen off the back of a McDonald’s truck, literally no difference whatsoever, the sweet potato fries however I have no complaints about, a lovely flavour and a nice colour on them too.  

Value for money is not very good considering the averageness of the food, there are certainly better burger joints out there in the north-west to indulge in, overpriced, greasy and sloppy food with nice décor in a nice open room.  I would recommend to go if it was payday, but other than that the reasons are irrelevant.  


March 28, 2017

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