Reflecting on International Women’s day

On March 8th, the women of the world celebrated their right to equality. International Women’s Day gave half the generation to boast about their achievements and berate the opposite sex about their old-fashioned values and gender roles. What exactly is the point of an international women’s day? As a woman, do we really need to push this bid for equality? Should we be having special holidays for every possible feature? Like an international brunette day, international butt day, it’s pointless and serves no purpose.

In fact, the day was originally called international working women’s day, set up well over a century ago by the socialist party in America. It has spread around the globe and is encouraging women to be ‘bold’. Even back when life was significantly plainer for women, there was still those who were not afraid to be bold so why do we need the encouragement or empowerment. We have our Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart and Josephine Baker. Women as empowering as that do not need a day to celebrate being brilliant, just like men don’t need a day to celebrate the greats.

International Women’s Day feels like we are being given a pat on the head for their existence. Here is an idea, how about we recognise that the women who broke world records, who saved lives and truly fought for equality, did it because they are hardworking, intelligent or ahead of their time. Regardless of which chromosomes they were blessed with.

I think I’ll pass on Women’s day thank you.

By Stephanie Allman

March 29, 2017

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