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Cheshire Fire Dog Awarded OBE

Vet charity PDSA have awarded a Cheshire fire and rescue dog an animal OBE.

The border collie, called Bryn, has been given the award for devotion to duty at a ceremony in Manchester Town Hall.

The award is the PDSA Order of Merit and is in recognition of the dogs service in Cheshire and also the UK’s International Search and Rescue Team.

Bryn has served since he was a puppy and was chosen from his litter due to his nature and intelligence.

Commenting on the award, PDSA Director General Jan McLoughlin said: “Bryn has displayed extraordinary devotion throughout his career and made a monumental difference to search and rescue operations across the world. His story demonstrates the huge contribution that animals make to our lives.”

His international work involved working in Japan (2011) after the earthquake and tsunami, and in Nepal (2015) following the devastating earthquake which killed and injured thousands.

Bryn became fully qualified as a search and rescue dog in 2005 and retired in 2016 after an 11 year career.

April 5, 2017

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