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Chester’s five foot arrival

One of Britain’s favourite Zoo’s welcomed a new arrival on Sunday evening when eight-year-old mum Orla gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby giraffe.

After four hours of labour Orla ended her 15 month labour and welcomed her youngster, hooves and all. The baby is yet to be sexed or named as mum is extremely protective over her new package and settling into this familiar role well.

The new-born shares the same birthday as the father and is a great addition to this rapidly declining species of the Rothschild giraffes. The zoo works closely with the conservation in Africa to monitor the poaching that has resulted in a 90% decline in wild Rothschild giraffe’s. They help prevent and monitor this amazing species from becoming extinct. The mum of now three calves beat America’s famous giraffe April who, the world have been eager to meet. The keepers at the zoo are delighted at the new arrival just months after the arrival of baby Murchison on Boxing Day.

All of this leaves us with one question is there anything cuter than a baby giraffe?

By Danielle Blundred

April 10, 2017

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