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The University of Chester Student Welfare

This is one of the busiest times for students at The University of Chester. With their assessments coming up and Easter break, it can all be a bit stressful. That is why Student Welfare at the University of Chester want you to know that they are available to talk if you ever feel the need.
Suicide in the U.K. is the leading cause of death amongst young people, ages 10-34 according to Office of National Statistics Figures.
The Samaritan National statistics say, in 2016, the U.K. had 6,581 suicides recorded. That is 11 people per 100,000.
In 2014, 130 full-time students, ages 18+ took their own lives. This can be prevented.
Jamie Morris, a welfare officer at The University of Chester said: “It can be distressing having to support a friend who is not well and I want to remind you all of our service. Student Welfare offers information, advice and guidance about any issues that are impacting on your University experience.”
Many adolescence, young people and adults struggle with mental health because of the uprising in social media. Stigmas with body image, fame and onset bullying from the internet have all been proven to lead to suicide attempts.
Suicidal thoughts and self-harm can be treated with the right support. Contact your local GP for more details.

By Alexandra Hutterer

April 14, 2017

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