How to keep off the weight this Easter Break

Words by: Rhiannon Marsh

Everybody loves Easter, the chance to indulge. Often we don’t get to sit back and eat what we want without feeling guilty. As the saying goes, a second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

However, for those of us that are still fretting about all those pounds, there are a few alternatives that might just keep those pounds off.

Why not try a dark chocolate alternative? On a whole, dark chocolate has a much higher nutritional value than milk chocolate, with less added sugars and fats. Not only this, but those flavonoids are increased, which definitely means better chocolate for you. Flavonoids have been found to reduce cell damage too. So with all those benefits why not choose the dark chocolate alternative. Just remember to keep those cacao percentages high!

There’s also a healthier option to chocolate mousse too. Made from avocados, it has less fat and sugars then regular chocolate mousse. It doesn’t sound appealing really, but add some cacao, avocados and vanilla essence to a blender and set it going, leave it to set and you have the most delicious desert right at your fingertips.

Have you ever tried adding a little cacao powder to something like cream cheese? You see it in the shops every day, with Philadelphia taking on that trend. However, you can do this in your own home for less of the cost! Why not then? This is one for the books, sating those chocolate cravings.

Instead of indulging in those tasty treats over Easter, you could spend your money elsewhere. Buy yourself that nice new top you’ve been looking at in the store window when you walk by on your way to work. Or you could save up that little bit of money and put it towards that well-deserved night out you’ve been saving all those sins for.

Although, if you really can’t resist the pull of chocolate then why not have it in moderation (A tough ask, I know!). But if you really must, then you must, so go ahead and munch your way through that little bit of chocolate. Remember though, there are plenty of ways to burn off those calories. Take that little walk with the dogs you’ve been putting off, do those sit ups first thing, or even do a little spring cleaning (you’d be surprised how much you can lose through cleaning).

April 5, 2017

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