Local charities and authorities vow to eradicate homeless with new strategies

By Rhiannon Marsh

With poverty on the rise, North West councils have devised strategies to tackle homelessness.

An issue that has been on a decline for years has now risen. Poverty has increased once again in Britain, with places like food banks opening up all over the country. This, according to some, including food bank manager, David MacDonald, is down to “the austerity crisis”.

With housing benefit cuts and the shortage of housing, it is understandable that such figures have risen at what appears to be an alarming rate.

And with cuts faced by those charities helping those in need, it can only be assumed that homelessness will continue to rise.

It is apparent that even in the capital homelessness is an issue. With London Mayor Sadiq Khan, in 2016, setting out plans for £50 million pounds of funding to help the homeless, former rough sleepers and domestic abuse victims.

Sadiq Khan in a Mayoral press release in 2016 stated that the rising levels of homelessness are ‘shameful’, as London is ‘one of the richest cities in the world’.

Andy Burnham, Manchester Mayoral Candidate has also said that if he makes mayor he will donate 15% of his salary to ‘fight homelessness’. The interim Mayoral salary is £100000, is 15% of this salary enough to make a significant difference?

Many people choose to give money to someone they see on the streets, but is this a good idea? Do we know where that money is going, and would it not be better to give that money to somewhere we know will make good use of it?

April 4, 2017

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