Juggling Life as A Student and Society President

The University of Chester’s International Society is an organisation which brings together students of different ethnicities, sharing each other’s cultural and diverse backgrounds. Johnnie Au, a fourth year student and President of the society, shares his experiences of both roles, and the challenges he faces.

“As a society involved with overseas students, we want to promote international friendship. We are here to create a friendly atmosphere and an environment in the University of Chester to make students feel like home,” Mr Au explains.

Originally from Hong Kong, Mr Au joined the International Students Society in his first year as an Activity Manager. Since then he has progressed to the role of Vice President in his second year and President this year. Life as the President is not an easy task, as part of the role means that he has to organise and plan different activities, for members and host meetings regularly.

Mr Au also has to juggle University work and assignments, including a dissertation. It is clear that he is very passionate about his role within the society.

“We want people to know that no matter where you come from or what background you are from, we are all friends,” he continues. Mr Au is an International Student himself, and therefore he can relate to how foreign students feel when it comes to studying abroad.

Mr Au suggests that his main role as President involves supporting International Students when they first arrive, “Listening to people’s stories and learning from their experiences is something that I really enjoy, and I feel like I handle both jobs quite well,” he added.

Moreover, Mr Au has been aware of the current U.S election, as there are a few American students from the society. “I was neutral on the election and I personally think Trump may not be as bad as we think, although he is well known of his controversial statements”.

Despite the media publicity of Trump, Mr Au continues, “He is a clever, tough and a successful man in business and his life…I think he will make America great again.”

Some members from the society have expressed their views and opinions on this U.S election as well, and Mr Au mentioned that the society has created a free forum for members to share and discuss their ideas.

For more information, please visit the Chester Students Union or contact Mr Au directly, 1417879@chester.ac.uk

Source: University of Chester 2016

Source: University of Chester 2016

November 28, 2016

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