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Chester remembering the Duke of Westminster


Chester welcomed Members of the Royal Family on Monday after the memorial service for the late Duke of Westminster.

Crowds of people filled streets to get a look at the high profile guests as they left the city’s famous Cathedral.

The Memorial service was held at Chester Cathedral to commemorate the life of the sixth Duke of Westminster. The service was attended by the Royal family, including the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The royals were closely covered by a high security team which even included Police and armed gunmen looking over on the Cathedral Courtyard both in the Cathedral Tower and on the Ground.



Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

 Other people of interest included Anthony Welsh (55) and Bull terrier, Princess Cleopatra Superchill (5), an eccentric pair who wanted to pay their patriotic respects to the late Duke, to thank him for his work in their hometown, Liverpool. Owner Anthony said, “She went to pay her respects to the man who built our City’s metropolis”. The two stood out from the large crowd that gathered around the main entrance to the cathedral at around 3pm.

Princess Cleopatra

Princess Cleopatra, Chester City Centre



Many visitors were in the city to see the Christmas Markets but were surprised to see such an event.

However it would be hard not to notice that something was going on in Chester due to the roads being blocked off from 3pm the previous day (Sunday).

Due to the large crowds that were gathering, a bus collided into one of the stands at the exchange just around the corner from the Cathedral. One member of the public, Joanne Jackson said “It’s a day that many people will remember, you don’t often get days like this in Chester, it’s normally a quiet City.

November 30, 2016

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