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Are clubs still interested in the magic of cup football?

When you look at the likes of the FA Cup and the EFL Cup, you see that it is a competition which clubs from the Premier League would like to win and have great success in. However, the so called top clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City, seem like they do not take the cup seriously anymore because of other commitments in the league. Yes, as spectators we do enjoy a cup upset when a lower league or non-league team beat one of the big teams. Nonetheless, it starts to show that the cup competitions in England are not as important as they use to be.

The FA Cup is the oldest domestic cup in world so why wouldn’t any team want to win it? Every young player dreams of winning it back in the day, winning the FA cup was vital for any club because it showed that you were one of the best teams in England and for the fans it meant a day out at Wembley to support their team.

These days it seems that Europe is more important for teams and this is why we are accustomed to seeing so many youngsters making their debut in the EFL or FA Cup. Its a no brainer that getting into Europe has its financial awards but the FA Cup has something magical about it still and that is why so many fans still care about doing well in it but unfortunately some clubs do not feel the same way.

Unless the top clubs are willing to make sacrifices in Europe or in the league, then nothing will change at all. Once it was a day of passion, prestige and national pride for the club and fans. Its now seen as a distraction for clubs who want to push on in the league. I feel that this has caused the fans to fall out with the thought of winning a cup or wanting to see their team go out early for the sake of doing well in the league.

Callum Lewis

December 6, 2016

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