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Farehill motors garage thief sentenced

A man has been found guilty and given two years in prison for his involvement in the theft and serious damage inflicted on a local garage.

Jordan Hargreaves, 22, was sentenced at Chester Crown Court on Monday morning after being found guilty of causing thousands of pounds’ worth of damage and robbery to Farehill Motors Garage.

Hargreaves who has been convicted of theft on several instances, pleaded guilty to the incident that occurred on the 6th September 2016, which saw him and a group of friends break in and take £10,000 worth of items, including a Mercedes wheel, tools and a Porsche car battery.

The group who were caught on CCTV by a neighbouring business were also found to have caused thousands of pounds of damage costing £3,500 to another Porsche, a Ford Fiesta window being smashed and the word ‘robbery being scratched into the side of a car with Hargreaves’ blood being found at the scene.

Hargreaves’ defence lawyer Robert Lancaster argued that he should be given a suspended sentence due to the fact that Hargreaves had demonstrated good behaviour whilst in custody.

Lancaster told the court, “the prison kitchen staff have been impressed with the positive contribution and good work ethic made by Jordan during his time there”.

Lancaster further argued the plea for mitigation by telling the court about how Jordan has become heavily involved as his disabled father’s carer and that he has been offered a job as porter for a hotel chain, saying: “this would be a good opportunity for him to get his life back on track.”

Despite this, Judge Patrick Thompson saw this as a category one offence and gave out a two-year jail sentence saying “the message has to go out to all people who think that small businesses are an easy target.”

December 7, 2016

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