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Luxurious Dining at Picanha by Fazenda

On the 16th November, the Picanha by Fazenda Restaurant in Chester, hosted a private dinner to welcome their guests.

Picanha by Fazenda is a new Brazilian restaurant. It fuses the traditional gaucho style grilling and Rodizio dining, with continuous table service of different prime cuts of meat, including beef, chicken, pork and lamb and a gourmet salad bar.

The dinner started off with a warm welcome by Tomas Maunier, founder of the restaurant chain. He talked us through his aim of opening this new restaurant. “We (have) got a few branches in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool and since there aren’t many Brazilian restaurants in Chester, I decided to open one here and make it easier for people who live nearby to experience the most traditional Brazilian cuisine”, said Maunier.

The salad bar provided us with a variety of Brazilian sides such as, salad, salami, seasoned salmon and Brazilian style fried rice. They were all delicious and unique.

The highlight of the evening included sampling different kinds of meat, all cooked in a traditional Brazilian style. These included chicken, beef and pork, smothered in South American herbs and spices. The waiters carried meat on skewers around the restaurant, to each table and sliced meat for customers.

Finally, the dinner ended with a lovely dessert, which was the Brazilian style lemon cheesecake. “(The) Picanha cheesecake is one of our signature desserts that everyone would love” said Maunier.

The design and layout of the restaurant is incredibly classy, with red candles on every table. “I feel like the restaurant set up draws attention to the food, making it its main focus”, said Jessica Arcenas, a guest at the event.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening meal at Picanha. We thoroughly enjoyed dining and hearing Maunier’s stories and experiences.

Michelle Chin

January 10, 2017

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