‘Godfather’ album a fitting send off for Wiley

Finally, after his acclaimed Snakes & Ladders (2014) the Lord of grime returns for his 11th studio album with the Godfather. Considering this genre is at its peak now, it would only be ideal for the creator of grime to get some of the spotlight.

The opener ‘Birds n Bars’ sets the stakes high for the rest of his album as his assertive flow and crisp beat truly sets the tone, whilst giving a shout out to the legendary group BBK.  The brittleness and energy in ‘Back with a Banger’ are apparent throughout, and Wiley’s thoughts and feelings are ingrained within the single. Wiley expresses his impact on the genre in ‘Holy Grime’ featuring Devlin, as his intricate rhyming and smart wordplay show through bars such as ‘Swear down, I will never get rusty’. It varies throughout the album as it goes from humour ‘Name Brand’ to the ideology of family in ‘Can’t go wrong’. The pace dies down to a gentle jazzy flow in ‘U Were Always, Pt. 2’, with guest appearances from Skepta and Belly.

Wiley has pretty much confirmed this will be the last album he will make which is a tragedy for grime and its bright future. However, if this is to be the final Wiley album, then it’s certainly a fitting tribute to the undisputed king of grime.


Oscar Clarke

January 24, 2017

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