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President Protest in Chester City Centre

Protest In Chester City.

Protesters joined at the Eastgate clock at 3pm, Friday the 20th January to oppose the Presidency of Donald Trump.

The event was planned beforehand, as an international protest against Trump who was inaugurated the United States 45th president later that day.

Individuals gathered at the Eastgate clock to drop banners that read: ‘A message to President Trump Build Bridges Not Walls Justice & Respect Not Hate’ and ‘No Trump No! Build Bridges Not Walls Hope Not Hate’.

Mrs Rogers, a witness to the protest said, “He is a ruthless billionaire business man, who’s promised to carry out racist and sexist policies.”
Trumps inauguration has caused many riots within the United States and the U.K.

This week also witnessed the Women’s Marches in New York, Washington and London.

By Kashala Whittingham

January 28, 2017

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