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Chester students Vegas wedding

In September 2015, a Chester student travelled abroad to study at Pitzer college near LA. Little did Kate know, she would have to potentially get married to be a part of the class she wanted.
College in the states wasn’t the easiest thing, with studying journalism, she wanted to take a photography class, but wasn’t the only one and with limited places and three others fighting to get in, it was a challenge.
The teacher gave them a task, this was to take a picture of a lie and post it on social media. The person with the best lie, would get accepted to the class. From there on, she planned a road trip to Vegas with her friends.
When she arrived in Vegas, the mission of finding a man started. She ended up with a French guy she met at the bottom of the stratosphere tower, and took a picture of them kissing in front of one of the many wedding chapel’s in Vegas.


The picture was posted on Facebook, and got over 100 likes.


After receiving dozens of frantic phone calls and text messages from her family and friends, she revealed it was all a joke to get on a course.
Kate won the contest, and was the only one of the three that got in. The four-hour drive, and the kiss from the French stranger, was definitely worth it in the end, especially when she received an A overall at the end of her course.

March 1, 2017

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